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Naam Ann Casey
E-mail abcasey@ruraltel.net
Datum 07-03-2015 2015m 02:33:41

I have just read the information you provided on Dutch baptisms, marriages, and births. Thank you! The information is wonderful and helpful! I appreciate your work! My maiden surname is Becker, and according to the information I have my ancestor was Jeuriaen Becker (1608-bef.1708) in the Netherlands. His son, Jan (Juriaensen) Becker, born 1630 was, as a young man, sent over on the "King Solomon" by the West India Company to serve as its clerk. He married Maria Adriaens in America. Other Dutch ancestors who married into the Becker family include the Van der Zees, Van der Bilts, etc., all from the Albany (New York) area. Information I have about the Becker family in the Netherlands is that Jan was born in Noord-Holland. (The source of this information came from a family tree on Ancestry, so I do not know how accurate it is). I also do not know the name of Jurrian Becker's wife and am wondering if you could suggest how I might be able to obtain this. Thank you for any help you can provid

Naam Patricia Deguise
Datum 02-03-2015 2015m 22:17:25

I have just "stumbled" upon your site and find it extremely useful. My mother was a war bride who came to Canada in 1946. She left 6 brothers and sisters in Almelo. She lost contact with them and I never asked her about her life in the Netherlands while she was alive. I have obtained addresses of (hopefully) one living uncle and one cousin. I am totally new at this genealogy and will be happy to know more about my Mom and her family. She was born in Scharnegoutum in 1919 and her family moved to Almelo. I will be visiting the Netherlands in May and hope to learn a little more. I plan to use the resources on your site to help me. Thank you for putting this all together. Patricia Deguise, Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada

Naam Christine
Datum 26-11-2014 2014m 16:00:11

Just found this website. Fantastic site!

I am just beginning to trace my mother's family, all of whom seem to come from Fryslan. My mother (died in Canada in 2010) was Janna Schaap, daughter of Jan Schaap and Ietje Betten. For now I am focusing on the women: I've gone back to great-great-great-great-great grandmother Antje Hendriks Minkema, 1785 - 1874. I know the "great"grandmother before Antje was first name Itjte, but don't know if her surname was Abeles, or Abeles Hofman. Haven't found a birth record for her.

I have so far found: Ietje Betten (grandmother), and before her, Trijntje Bus, Ietje Andries Bus, Jantje Roelofs Luik, Antje Hendriks Minkema, and Itjte Abeles (? Hofman).

Any suggestion as to how to go back further? I speak only English.

Reactie van Henk

Dear Christine,

In the 18th century many Frisian families did not have a family name. The name Hofman may have been adopted in 1811, when family names became compulsory. So before 1811, look for Ittje (or Yttje) Abel(e)s. Keep in mind that spelling of names was inconsistent at the time!

1811 was also the year that a proper registration of births and deaths started. Before 1811, search for baptisms and burials in church books. Not all books are indexed yet, but many are scanned and available at familysearch.org.

Good luck with your search!

Naam Bauer
E-mail bauer.cornelis@or...
Datum 19-07-2014 2014m 20:37:49

Ik ben met de stamboom bezig van Bollebakker in Hilversum, vond bij u ook bollebakkers, weet nog niet of zij familie zijn.In iedergeval bedankt.met vriedelijke groet van Cor Bauer

Naam PrinsOldebroekKampen
E-mail prinsoldebroekkam...
Datum 23-06-2014 2014m 14:16:42

Genealogie PRINS met o.a. Hendrik Evertsen Prins en Aalt Tijmens Prins uit OLDEBROEK en KAMPEN met nakomelingen in CANADA en USA. Meer dan 500 pagina's PRINS met veel foto's. Aanvullingen zijn welkom.

Naam Fran Pattarini
E-mail fourpatts@aol.com
Datum 25-04-2014 2014m 03:20:18

Van der Bur in U.S.A. My Grandmother Mary Elizabeth Vanderbur, b Indiana 1852, lived in Russell, KS, d. 1942 OH. Her father was Francis Vanderbur b 1823 IN, d 1898 KS. His father was Thomas G. Vanderbur b 28 Apr 1788 in NY d 3 Mar 1836 in Greensburg, Decatur Co., IN. I would like to find his parents and marriage record and hopefully go back from there perhaps to the Netherlands. Can you help me? Thank you so much.

Naam Dowhower
Datum 15-04-2014 2014m 07:32:04

Stumbled upon your site quite by accident, but what a treasure it is! I'm looking forward to exploring it in depth. My family name is "Douwhouwer" and am wondering if has any meaning in the Dutch language. Any ideas on how I might research it?

Naam willeke
E-mail willeke@reikimast...
Datum 20-02-2014 2014m 02:49:50

Hello my name is Willeke, i am looking for my Maternal Uncle Mr Johannes van der Steijlen/Smit
he was born in Heerlen Limborg, on the 29.6.1917
he died in Amsterdam on the 3.1.1954

Naam Donald Leendert W...
E-mail d.weerheim@uq.edu.au
Datum 17-11-2012 2012m 10:42:51

i am looking for a Willem Weerheim, born about 1777 (in SChiedam i think). looking to link him into my family tree as well as an Adriana Weerheim who i think is his daughter.
His parents are probably the link that i need into my tree

Reactie van Henk

I could not immediately find anything about Willem, but I did find a few things about his daughter Adriana (on FamilySearch.org and wiewaswie.nl):

Jannetje, daughter of Willem Weerheim and Adriana Goudswaart, was born on 8 November 1801 in Schiedam.

Jannetje Weerheim, 37, from Schiedam, daughter of Willem Weerheim and Adriana Goudswaart, married Franciscus van den Muijsenberg on 21 August 1839 in Utrecht.

Jannetje Weerheim, 46, wife of Franciscus van den Muijsenberg, daughter of Willem Weerheim and Adriana Goudswaart, died 2 August 1849 in Utrecht.

Naam de Vries
E-mail info@archiefijlst.nl
Datum 13-10-2012 2012m 21:11:09

Beste lezers,

Voor de stad IJlst is een enthousiaste groep mensen actief om een online archief samen te stellen met oude foto’s tekeningen en of videobeelden uit IJlst.
Bij deze een oproep;

Hebt u voor ons nog meer materiaal zoals fotos dias film of ander leuk materiaal.

Kijk zeker even op www.archiefijlst.nl waar we al veel hebben verzameld.


De redactie van archiefijlst.nl

Naam Henry, Roger
E-mail regor2eel@gmail.com
Datum 01-02-2012 2012m 04:24:49

Some of my ancestors (Taine/Tayne/Tene/Tine/de Tene/Tyne, etc., were from Calais, France which I am searching for records for in European countries' records.
Tothers, like Casier/Cassier/Cacier/etc., also am I researching. Also French names of Des Jardin/Desjardin/etc., who married into the Tine family, Bisk or Bisq.? is yet another I'm looking for. Not to mention Uzille/Usilie/Uzile, etc., is yet another. The list goes on too, like Guion/Guyon, de Ler like de Leroy, Guion/Guyon, Reson/Rison/etc., Damen, etc., are just a tip of the European names I am searching for to see if records still exist for the families when they lived in France, Germany, Netherlands, USA, etc.. I hope that I will be able to find records for them where these families lived, etc.. Thank you.

Naam Thomas Mölling
E-mail tomcat1996@hotmai...
Datum 28-01-2012 2012m 12:26:53

My Dutch Grandparents are the late Harm Mölling(DOB 06/03/1884 - 12/03/1967), and the late Naantje Meijer Mölling (DOB 20/04/1893 - 13/01/1967). I wish to find more information about my family tree, and any of the Mölling family living in The Netherlands, and USA today.

Naam cathy walters
E-mail walters.cathy@yah...
Datum 03-01-2012 2012m 23:34:57

Descendant of Hinrich von Kampen Lamstedt(Hannover) 1622-1662 to Beke von Campen 1727-1809 Armstorf Lamstedt & Hinrich Buck Jr.
googlebooks van Kampen & von Kampen or can use myheritage search engine-they have google books
; )

Naam Alex Engbers
E-mail alex.engbers@gmai...
Datum 26-11-2011 2011m 20:21:40

I appreciate the information and guidence given in this site. I have just started to trace my family roots, and need all the help I can get.

Naam Sam de Mattoa
E-mail samdem@aol.com
Datum 20-08-2011 2011m 17:21:42

My Grand Mother Was Elizabeth Kaale. We are also related to Wagenmakers and Hoogendorps from Zeeland, that went to MUCURI COLONY in Brazil. I would Like to know more about my genealogy in Netherlands. Ship Lists to Brazil? Thanks a million. Sam PS:The KALE family is numerous in Brazil, Sam

Datum 05-01-2011 2011m 16:51:44

Busco saber de mi bisabuelo de quien perdimos su rastro el se llamo NORBERTO VANGRIEKEN Y ESPOSA ERA EMERCILIA DE LEON RICARDO TUVIERON DOS HIJOS REBECA VANGRIEKEN Y JORGE VANGRIKEN. La madre de estos los trabajo a la Republica Dominicana, el se quedo en curazao y se dice que viaja en barco de holanda a curazao y que era capitan.

Naam Jesse van kampen
E-mail jesvaka@hotmail.com
Datum 30-11-2010 2010m 16:00:24

Funny to see a site made out of my family name. also funny to see allot is diracted to the netherlands. sorry for my bad spelling by the way.
if anybody knows somthing or has seen the name: antonie van kampen. pleas send me a email saying what it means to you, they lived in Amsterdam about 40(?) years ago. i dont know much about my grandfather (thats what antonie van kampen is for me) he died when my father was still young.

Naam Patricia Rickman
E-mail crickman2005@yaho...
Datum 24-06-2010 2010m 05:13:02

My great grandfather's name was Renke Stoeltje born in 1787 in Germany. I have been told that Stoeltje is Dutch. Is this correct? Also, is Renke a full name or a shortened version of Reinhardt? Thank you.

Reactie van Henk

Stoeltje is rare, but exists in the Dutch provinces Noord-Holland and Friesland.

Renke may well be the full name, though originally it is probably a short form of Reinout (Reinhardt is German).

Naam Graeme
Datum 09-06-2010 2010m 14:13:14

Hi Henk, congratulations on all the work that you have put into the site, impressive. I had hoped to have found a van Kampen connection with my family here, but unfortunately not. My Great great great Grandfather was a John (presumably Jan) van Kampen who was a mariner who married in Sydney Australia in 1875. One of my cousins has just obtained a copy of the marriage certificate and find that his father was Antony Cornelius van Kampen & mother Ann Schalin (which seems Fininsh). Only states his birthplace as Holland, no city and must have been around 1844. How common was the van Kampen name around the Netherlands, or was it localised to certain regions?

Reactie van Henk

Hi Graeme,

Thanks for the compliments.

Unfortunately there are several unrelated Van Kampen families in The Netherlands, from different regions.

I could not find the name Schalin in The Netherlands. Schaling exists but is rare (mainly in Amsterdam).

Naam Rene Mensink
E-mail rene4u@mysapwiki.com
Datum 28-10-2009 2009m 01:29:12

Informatie over de familie Offenberg kunt U hier vinden --> www.offenberg.name

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