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Name anna adams
Date 2018-12-08 15:58:04

can you please tell me if closed adoption records can be opened to obtain original birth certificate once mother and adoptive father have passed away
Thanking you
anna adams

Name Barbara O'Connor
Date 2018-09-24 17:42:21

I am trying to find birth certificate or any information on my grandfather Willem Bartel Wilton. he was born on December 29, 1891 in Kralingen to Karel Johannes Cornelius Wilton and Wilhelmina Josephina Kloos. when he was 15 or 16 he left there to come to the usa in which he ended up in buffalo, ny. he had several relatives who ended up in the usa also. any info would be helpful. if in dutch, I can use google translate. thanks muchly. Barbara O'Connor

Name Robert Liles
Date 2018-08-30 16:49:53

I stumbled onto your web site after conducting genealogy research on my family.

I luckily had a language translator app on my phone and was able to eventually translate most of the registration documents I located and learned the patterns in official documents you talk about.

Thankfully, many of documents had very legible handwritten sections which I could usually make out when the Dutch spelling correction would appear and make the word evident.

The advice you listed for checking names of van de Voorts and the like explained the lack of hits I was getting on the search engines ! That was a great tip.

Thanks for your work on your website.


Name Annick
Date 2018-05-04 20:40:07

Kurt Ozinga,

Greet van Kampen and Jan Reitsma where my grandparents. They had a daughter Diny born in 1939 (died 2007) and two sons, Foeke Jan born in 1942 and my father Jaap (Jacobus Cornelis) born in 1947. Both my grandparents died, Greet in 1991 and Jan in 1988.

Name Edward Besong
Date 2018-02-27 21:53:46

This is a great website, thank you so much for all the information shared! I found many Dutch ancestors going as far back as 1647. The information you share on your website helps me to understand the Dutch language and the regions more. Thanks again!

Name anthony butterfield
Date 2018-02-10 16:36:19

We are trying to get in touch with members of my wife's Dutch relatives. Her father was Johannes Kok and he was born in Rotterdam in 1918 and his father was Jacobus Antonius Kok was born in 1871, also in Rotterdam.
We are trying to contact my wife Geraldine's cousins, who are Ben Kok and Ria Kok. Their parents were Joop (Jacobus?) Kok and Mary Kok. They lived in Amsterdam. Ben and Ria will probably be in their late 60's now. Can anyone help?

Name Kurt Ozinga
Date 2017-11-15 08:56:16

have been trying to find information for Gerritje Magaretha van Kampen (known as Greet) who married Jan Reitsma i think in Hilversum, they had a stillborn child in 1937 and another child Diny in 1939, both in Hilversum

Name Helena Cullen
Date 2017-07-28 14:23:00

My father: Henricus Petrus Moonen 11.2.1928 Haarlem. My mother: Mathilda Janszen 21.12.1930 Haarlem. Immigrated to Australia 1954. My grandmother Helena Janszen (nee Slot) and my other grandmother Maria Moonen (nee Slobbe). I have researched I think back to Texel. As much as I can tell we originate from Noord Holland and are the first of our lines to move! lol I am coming to Europe next year for 6 months and hope to visit some of the places. My brother and I have been research for the last 3 years. Hope everything is correct.

Name Dale Parker
Date 2017-07-04 05:44:53

Great grandmother Sadie Minkema - born in Holland 1/16/1882 - 4/19/1979
Married Dirk Minkema born in Holland 1879 and Died April 1947. Had one childJeanieGrace Minkema Walker. I think my grandmother was 3 (Jeanie G.Minkema) when all three of them came to the United States. Lived in Pa.
I would like to find out more before they came to the USA.

Name James Van Camp
Date 2016-06-05 18:42:24

Hello cousin Henk

Hoping to visit first week of August after first visiting wife's Irish homeland. Am descendant of Gerrit Jansen Van Kampen, who served with Peter Stuyvesant in New Amsterdam.

Perhaps there is some earlier lineage in Kampen area???



Name Mandy Kolkana
Date 2016-04-29 18:04:02

Hi! My husband's family (John Kolkana) emigrated from Holland to the US in 1872, but we suspect his name was changed to Kolkana upon arrival in America. I have searched endlessly to discover what his birth name was, but to no avail. I'm hoping I can find more information here. Thank you!

Comment by Henk

Hi Mandy,

There was a Kolkena family in the town Kloosterburen (province Groningen) in the 19th century, maybe your husband descends from this family?

Name Azencion Clara Garza
Date 2016-02-28 13:33:19

Hello, I am 55 , and have been searching for my 3 times grandfather from Holland. The last person who knew him was my great grandfather, who died in 1976, when I was 16. They say his name was Alvino, and that his town was near a harbor. The story goes on to say his mother and father died of illness, so he stored away on a ship, as he was alone in the world. What he didn't know was, that it was going to Mexico!! He was 12 or 13. I think he left from Harlingen, my great grandfather mention his wooden shoes and his blue eyes, also how tall he was! Where can I go from here, time is running out. Can someone from Friesland help me?!
Sincerely, Clara

Name Jan Groen
Date 2016-02-22 02:14:31

Thank you so much for the very useful website. I have and will continue to send many folks this way as they are researching their families. Ps my mothers maiden name was van Kampen, they came out of Sneek, Friesland. Dont know if they cross your line anywhere but there are Dirks and Sybrandus van Kampens in the line

thanks again

Name Guido Fightmaster
Date 2016-02-20 23:53:23

I will be looking for my Dutch ancestors. I know they sailed from Hamburg around 1750, as "Fightmaster" is documented there. But I know that this was the name given to them when they arrived. A mother and 2 sons, at least one of whom was married at that time. The story goes: the oldest son signs the ships manifest as "Veit(sp?)...master" as in head of the family. This is possibly misinterpreted as Fightmaster. And they carry on the rest of their lives as Fightmaster.

Name John D. Wiebe
Date 2016-01-23 04:19:49

My great grandfather was Adam Wiebe von Harlingen. He was the inventor of the cable car. He left Harlingen due to the Spanish invading in the late 1500's and settled in Danzig Germany/Poland. He was given the title of Royal Engineer by the King of Poland for his engineering works and achievements. I would love to visit Harlingen and Danzig someday. I have a connection within my heart i cannot explain to both locations. God Bless, John D. Wiebe

Name Zoe
Date 2015-11-11 21:09:13

Thank you for this wonderfully useful website! I can see that I will be referring to it over and over.
I have traced an ancestor (1766 - 1825) whose occupation is listed as wijnrooijer and rijksroeijer. I am battling to find translations. Would you be able to help? Thanks so much.

Comment by Henk

A Wijnroeier was someone who measured the amount of wine in a barrel, using a special measuring stick known as Wijnroede (wine rod).

Source (in Dutch): Homepage

Name Maria VanDeursen
Date 2015-07-05 19:21:48

Traced my ancestors back to Jan Van Deursen born 1393 in Deur(s)en, Netherlands. Having trouble tracing his father and connect to Govert Van Doorsen. Traveling to Netherlands in August and looking for local help with research.

Comment by Henk

Deursen is a village in the municipality Oss, province Noord-Brabant. Get in touch with the city archive of Oss ( Homepage ), or the provincial archive of Noord-Brabant ( Homepage ). They can probably help you (or know someone who can).

Name Diann Fisher
Date 2015-05-12 05:44:03

My mother was born in Fryslan. Grandpa was Johannes Wielinga born Twyzen? Fryslan. December 09,1900. I know he had a large family. His father and mother were Olle Wielinga and Gerrietje Koster.
Grandma was Ulberdina or Berindina Buitjes Zoutkamp April 27, 1902. Grandma missed her home land. I only have Grandma's mothers name Bereentji Buitjes.
My mother was Bereentji May 20, 1925. Possibly born in Niekerk.
I'd like to know more about them when they lived there.
I'd love to hear from anyone with information. I'm beginning to put information in
Thank you so much.
Diann nee: TenBrink Fisher

Comment by Henk

Did you visit Homepage ? They have records from Friesland, including scans of your grandfather's birth certificate and his parents' marriage certificate.

Name Ann Casey
Date 2015-03-07 02:33:41

I have just read the information you provided on Dutch baptisms, marriages, and births. Thank you! The information is wonderful and helpful! I appreciate your work! My maiden surname is Becker, and according to the information I have my ancestor was Jeuriaen Becker (1608-bef.1708) in the Netherlands. His son, Jan (Juriaensen) Becker, born 1630 was, as a young man, sent over on the "King Solomon" by the West India Company to serve as its clerk. He married Maria Adriaens in America. Other Dutch ancestors who married into the Becker family include the Van der Zees, Van der Bilts, etc., all from the Albany (New York) area. Information I have about the Becker family in the Netherlands is that Jan was born in Noord-Holland. (The source of this information came from a family tree on Ancestry, so I do not know how accurate it is). I also do not know the name of Jurrian Becker's wife and am wondering if you could suggest how I might be able to obtain this. Thank you for any help you can provid

Name Patricia Deguise
Date 2015-03-02 22:17:25

I have just "stumbled" upon your site and find it extremely useful. My mother was a war bride who came to Canada in 1946. She left 6 brothers and sisters in Almelo. She lost contact with them and I never asked her about her life in the Netherlands while she was alive. I have obtained addresses of (hopefully) one living uncle and one cousin. I am totally new at this genealogy and will be happy to know more about my Mom and her family. She was born in Scharnegoutum in 1919 and her family moved to Almelo. I will be visiting the Netherlands in May and hope to learn a little more. I plan to use the resources on your site to help me. Thank you for putting this all together. Patricia Deguise, Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada

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